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Is your property over-grown and in need of clearing? Do you have storm damage that needs cleaning up? We provide cost-effective, environmentally-friendly land clearing and clean up to residential and commercial properties.  Our experience and equipment are both more time and cost-effective than chainsaws or brushhogs. We can clear areas where larger equipment would be damaging and too expensive.

We offer a wide variety of land-clearing services including but not limited to the services listed below.

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Land Clearing for Trails, Roads and Lots

Land Clearing for Trails, Roads and Lots After

We can help you widen and reclaim roads, trails and paths on your land or lot. We offer Land Clearing for undeveloped sites to…

Before and After Forest Underbrush, Clearing

Forest Underbrush, Fence Line Clearing After

We can help you Clear Forest Underbrush and Create Defensible Space at your Fence Line to establish and protect your Property…

Timber Slash, Storm Disaster Cleanup

Storm and disaster cleanup after

We can help you Cleanup after Storm Damage or Disaster Strikes. We’ll help you Reduce Forest Fires and resulting loss and Prevent…

Field Mowing

Field Mowing

We can Mow your field once or help you keep it Maintained with a regular Field Mowing Schedule. Assuming your field is fairly …

Tree Thinning, Forest Hazard Fuel Reduction

tree thinning tree removal after

We can help you Thin Trees and Protect your Land against Forest Fires. Fuel Reduction and Fire Preparedness help you Avoid …

Field and Pasture Restoration, Perimeter Clearing

Field and Pasture Restoration, Perimeter Clearing in Progress

We can help you Restore your Fields and Pastures, preparing them for use or sale. We Clear, Mow, and Mulch to help you…

Invasive Vegetation Removal

Invasive Vegetation Removal After

We can help you Take Back Control of your Land. Removing Invasive Plant Species, Pest and Predator Habitat, and Clearing…

Get a Free Estimate Today

What to Expect

Our Free estimate begins with a phone call. We have a list of standard questions we’ll ask you about your land and project to help us get a good idea of the scope of the work. It includes details like a description of the land, the address or location, what type of work you’d like done, and the timing for when you’d like it done. Then, we’ll schedule a time for a site-inspection or walk-through if necessary. We do walk-throughs for most land clearing and similar projects, however we have the technology to do estimates without one in special cases.

Land Clearing & Land Reclamation Walk-through/Site-inspection

The site-inspection or walk-through lets us gather more specific and detailed information that helps us provide you with the best estimate. We take measurements and before pictures, scope the property, and look for any potential environmental hazards or challenges that we’ll need to accommodate in the work. We also look for the details that help us create the most efficient and environmentally friendly plan for the job.

Receiving Your Estimate

Once we’ve gathered the information we need, we’ll send you an electronic estimate. We use an online estimate approval system that makes approving the scheduling the work super easy for you. You can expect to see the estimate in your email inbox within 48 hours of the walk-through (or phone call if a walk-through was not necessary). The approval process is easy and explained right in the estimate.

Scheduling Your Project

Once we receive your approval, we’ll schedule the work. We schedule all jobs with care for the land in mind. That means we’ll plan to do the work during the seasons that are best suited to protecting your land from injury. We rarely schedule jobs during the rainy season, although we may schedule an early spring or late fall project if it’s appropriate to do so. Be aware that we may need to reschedule if the weather gets bad. Snowstorms, flooding, and heavy rain all leave the land in a more vulnerable state so we will reschedule to avoid causing more damage.

Project Day

We will arrive, do the work, and leave your site clean and tidy. Our estimates are detailed, so you’ll know exactly what work we’ll complete when we arrive. We Mulch-in as much material as possible to care for the health of your land and to keep your cost as low as possible. We aim to leave no tractor-treads behind, meaning we want to leave your land looking and feeling much better than we found it. Unless stated in our estimate, you don’t need to be present on Project Day. Your land is in good hands with us, so it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to be there as we clear and care for your land or not.


We can provide both a paper invoice on-site an electronic invoice through email, a paper invoice by mail or both if you so desire. Because we Mulch-in, we do not charge hauling fees, which keeps your costs low. We accept cash, check, or charge. Be aware that we offer a 3 percent discount for cash and check payments. We can accept payment on-site or electronically. Payment is due upon completion of the work. If you’d like a copy of your invoice, we keep copies on-file for up to XX days. We charge a 3% fee for credit card payments.

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