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Before and After Tree Thinning

tree thinning tree removal
tree thinning tree removal

Tree Thinning, Forest Hazard Fuel Reduction Before

tree thinning tree removal after

Tree Thinning, Forest Hazard Fuel Reduction After

We can help you Thin Trees and Protect your Land against Forest Fires. Fuel Reduction and Fire Preparedness help you Avoid Forest Fires and gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve taken active steps to Protect Your Land.

Small Tree Removal

We can help you remove Brush, Limbs, Small Trees, and Clear Fallen Trees from your roads, trails, or land. We Mulch-in the majority of what we clear, leaving what is too large to mulch piled neatly where you can easily manage it. Our Equipment allows us to Cut Down and Remove Small Trees or Remove Trees of Specific Heights. Safety for you, your land, and everyone involved is our top priority.

Tree Thinning

We can Remove Selected Trees from your lot, thinning the forest and making space for Healthy Growth of the remaining trees as well as Protecting your Land Against Fire. We can also help you remove Fallen Trees and Limbs.

Fire Avoidance, Fuel Reduction, Fire Preparedness

With the rise in forest fires, we want to help you protect your land and offer planned routes for firefighters to use should the worst occur. We can help you reduce fuel for fires by clearing your trails, roads, and opens spaces. We Clear Deadwood, Dried Brush, and Dead Scrub. We can also help you create Fire Access Lanes for Fire Fighters and Fire Breaks. We’ll also help you develop a Defensive Maintenance Plan to protect your space against Fire outbreaks.

Ladder Fuel Reduction

We clear fuel ladder vegetation. Ladder Fuels are vegetation that serves as fuel or tinder for forest fires. When fire tears through a landscape, some of the trees, like Douglas-fir, are able to withstand the heat so long as there are no fuels that serve as a ladder to let the fire climb into the tree’s upper-story. We will evaluate your land for potential fuel ladder sources. We clear ladder fuels and mulch them into the landscape, turning a fire hazard into a Fire Prevention asset for you and your land.

Care for Your Land, Avoid Forest Fires

We Mulch to protect against fires. The Mulch we create from clearing your land of brush, fallen trees, and invasive species helps create a protective barrier for your soil. It helps your land retain moisture and prevents erosion, without which your land is at greater risk should a fire occur. We can help you evaluate your land and Take Action toward Fire Prevention as a part of your regular Land Management work to Prevent Fires and Prevent Loss should a Forest Fire erupt in the area surrounding your land.

Avoid Fines and Protect Right of Way

We can help you avoid incurring fines from neighborhood associations or local authorities by keeping your road, trail or lot cleared with a regular Maintenance Clearing Plan. We can also help you establish and maintain the Right of Way around and through your property and Widen Roads and Trails.

Key Points Tree Thinning, Forest Hazard Fuel Reduction

  • Small Tree Removal

  • Tree Thinning

  • Fire Avoidance, Fuel Reduction, Fire Preparedness

  • Ladder Fuel Reduction

  • Care for Your Land, Avoid Forest Fires

  • Avoid Fines and Protect Right of Way

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